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The Binary Secret is not a broker firm nor is it in a direct interest with any investment companies.

The team of Binary Secret has been working for more than 5 years on explaining, in a clear and easily comprehensible way, the substance of the trading in the binary options’ world. Our basic strategy is to give reliable signification to every costumer.


Our motto: "Your succes serves our satisfaction."



Faithfully to our motto we have expanded a program that buils into the user friendly and highly beloved MetaTrader’s surface. That is how the Binay Secret was born.


Looking forward to welcoming you into our team.!

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Risk notice: The exchange business has high risks and is not suitable for every investor. The different currency movements an work not just in favour but against an investor. So it is important to only invest with appropriate amount of experience and fully aware of the risks. The team of Binary Secret assumes no liability for any losses arising from trading!